Keto diet

Steak with vegetables and vegetables as a keto diet

Of course, every woman has noticed that for some reason, it is worth forgetting the junk food for a few days, and putting them on the dairy farm or even a piece of lean meat loses 1-2 kg.

This is not only due to the unexpected reduction in the calorie content of the menu, but also due to the high intake of carbohydrates in the diet. This is the principle of the keto diet, which is part of the protein system.

To a certain extent, this method of adjusting parameters can be compared with the "dryness" of athletes seeking help. However, although not the most balanced diet, the keto diet has a more complete menu. Since plant-based carbohydrates still exist, it is sometimes referred to as a milder version of the classic carbohydrate-free therapy.

What is the nature of the technology?

The indisputable advantage of this nutritional system is that due to the correct choice of products during the keto diet, the body begins to break down not muscle, but energy, but old fat reserves. As a result, weight loss is correct. If you explain the process in a different way, in the case of insufficient carbohydrates, glucose levels will decrease, which is directly related to energy. At this moment, ketone bodies are synthesized in the liver, which are analogues of falling glucose and are used to ensure the efficiency of the human body. From this process, the keto diet gained its name.

However, despite this plan, the keto diet will not work properly if the calorie content in the menu is not reduced. Therefore, even here, it is necessary to either deal with the calculation of a single basic metabolism or be limited to the general principle of reducing the energy value of the diet to 1100-1200 kcal. At the same time, the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates is being revised. The amount of the latter is reduced to 100 grams per day, although it is recommended to reduce to 50 grams per day in some cases, and the former and the latter must be increased. In addition, in the keto diet menu, special attention should be paid to fat, not protein.

It should be noted right away that this is often mentioned in comments on the keto diet: although short-term carbohydrate deficiency is not terrible for people, it is unacceptable in some cases. In particular, these are periods of high pressure. Here, a lack of carbohydrates that are not derived from vegetables or fruits can cause a hypoglycemic response. In addition, it is forbidden to try a keto diet for yourself and people with liver, cardiovascular system and kidney diseases.

Keto diet foods: allowed and prohibited

As previously pointed out, the keto diet menu is not simply made up of carbohydrates, but based on the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, you must pay attention to the acceptable and unacceptable foods of the keto diet. And the number allowed during the day.

The first point involves beverages. Although alcohol contains very few carbohydrates, if you choose certain types of carbohydrates, you must absolutely exclude all carbohydrates. The problem is not only the calorie content, but also the appetite. It is also recommended to rinse off the coffee and replace it with any herbal tea. Mineral water and clean drinking water are the top priority. Judging from the reviews on the keto diet, fruit juices and vegetable juices are not strictly prohibited, but they are a good meal. In addition, they should be diluted at least one third with water. You cannot cook candied fruit on dried fruits.

Of course, you should not consider any sugary products: they are taboo without any indulgence. However, in addition, grains are also banned. Even diet buckwheat, rice and similar grains should not be consumed. You will have to forget some vegetables and fruits. Especially in the "risk group" potatoes, beets, carrots. They are especially dangerous when cooked. Among fruits, grapes and bananas are unacceptable. In addition, it cannot be wheat-derived pasta, so it cannot contain carbohydrates.

The menu of the keto diet is based on eggs, cheese and cottage cheese. Meat and fish are connected to them, and special attention should be paid to this group. Herring and salmon are particularly recommended here. They only increase the proportion of fat in the diet, which is necessary according to the principle of the method. In addition, nuts (including almonds and cashews are valuable) also allow you to achieve them. Meat is also okay. Lamb and pork are not banned, but it is best to eat less, mainly choosing poultry or veal by yourself.

The fat content in dairy products also does not play a role. The keto diet is not desirable for low-fat cheese, not a necessary diet. However, if this does not affect the calorie content of your diet in the best way, you can choose low-fat foods.

How to design a keto diet menu?

Meat for weight loss on a keto diet

Based on the comments on the keto diet, you can make your own menu and change dishes at will. The most important thing is to follow the calorie content and the ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Here, you need to know that although small amounts of vegetables are allowed, their "dose" is only 40-50 grams at a time. But the same meat in a meal can be at least 100 grams, or even 300 grams, the same is true for dairy groups.

Sample version of the daily menu:

  • Boil eggs for breakfast and serve with coriander and dill sprigs. Herbal tea is brewed with them.
  • Lunch-mild but not salty cheese.
  • Cook any meat for dinner. By cutting the meat into minced meat and mixing it with egg whites, salt and onions, it can be made into steam or grilled meatballs.
  • For afternoon snacks, protein shakes or a small amount of nuts will be produced.
  • Steamed fish and salad leaves are recommended for dinner.

As for protein shakes, there are many recipes. The simplest is low-fat cheese with milk and cinnamon. For those who really want to at least taste the taste, reviews on the keto diet suggest adding a bit of natural pineapple juice. Don't pack!

Generally, judging by reviews, the keto diet is not easy. Although her menu is not hungry and even "coexists" quietly with exercise, for many people, maintaining this diet is still a problem. But the results, including the disappearance of the abdomen and muscle twitching, are usually worthwhile.