The most effective exercise to lose weight on the abdomen and sides

Good afternoon, dear friends! Tight abs and slim waist are every girl's dream. For men, it is also important to have "cubes" instead of hanging fat folds. Effective methods of exercising the abdomen and sides can help achieve this goal.

We have prepared a fascinating information article for you in which you will learn how to lose weight to lose weight, and what exercises you need to do at home. In it, we will try to answer all pressing questions and inspire you to get inspiration for personal sports records.

Girl working out for a slim waist

The secret of home training

Newbies in the fitness world usually don’t realize that you can remove your abdomen with simple exercises at home or in the gym. The only thing you need to do is to perform actions correctly and systematically. You must work 2-4 times a week. It should be noted that within 3, 5 or 10 days, you will not get noticeable results. After 2-3 months of training, the initial success can be assessed.

The most effective exercises are divided into three categories-physical exercise (using one's own weight), breathing and strength (using weight). In order to lose weight quickly, men and women need to develop an individual complex that will focus on physiological characteristics, physical fitness level, age, and gender. Classes should bring positive emotions, and then athletes will be motivated to continue training.

Basic knowledge

Exercise while lying or hanging allows you to maximize the load on your abdominal muscles and burn the fat deposited on both sides. Make sure to include simple exercises in your home exercise, such as:

    Practice plank
  • board. . . This is a static exercise that can change the color of your entire body. All the muscles at the bottom and top are involved in the work. To do this, you need to lie flat and then lean on your forearm. The abdomen is also pulled in, and the buttocks are also pulled in. The body should form a straight line without sagging or sagging. You must stand as much as possible. Starting from 30 seconds, gradually increase the duration.
  • Practice twist
  • distortion. . . Good abs workout. You should lie on the floor with your hands behind your head, your legs bent on your knees, and your feet on the floor. You must slowly raise your body, touch your right knee with your left elbow, and then repeat the action, now we will touch your left leg with your right elbow. You need to perform this operation until the burning sensation of the muscles appears, preferably 3-4 sets, 20 repetitions for each set.
  • Lifting leg up
  • Lifting leg up. . . The best exercises for the upper and lower abdomen, but can be mastered by people with exercise experience. You must grasp the crossbar with your hands and raise the straight legs so that they are at a 90-degree angle to the body. For beginners, you can practice by lifting your bent legs. The optimal number of repetitions is 15 times in the three groups.
  • Exercise bike
  • bicycle. . . We lay on the floor, put our hands behind our heads, raised our legs into the air, and then began to spin them, as if we were turning the pedals of an exercise bike. We repeat for 2-5 minutes.
  • Practice scissors
  • Ordinary and broken scissors. . . You need to lie on the gymnastic mat, with your hands on the floor of your body, we lift our legs to a height of 20 cm from the horizontal, and then start to swing to the sides, connect, or we overlap, otherwise we will touch each otherfoot.

We breathe right

You can burn fat and reduce belly weight by doing breathing exercises. They are usually used as an auxiliary measure in the main training program, and the method of bending and posture measurement is also effective for women after the age of 50, injured and people with limited physical activity.

You can practice anywhere in the workplace or at home. Sitting in an office chair, it is not difficult to master breathing exercises. The duration of a class does not exceed 15 minutes.

Due to the special breathing, Bodyflex is a direction, in this direction, the human body is full of oxygen, and the oxygen just reaches the place where the fat accumulates. The oxidation of fat cells leads to their breakdown and elimination. It is best to do it in the morning on an empty stomach. It is necessary to breathe deeply, then inhale, then exhale vigorously again, holding your breath for 10 seconds. To use this type of breathing, it is necessary to perform a vacuum exercise. When holding your breath, you need to inhale as much as possible, and your muscles relax as you inhale. You can exercise while lying, sitting or standing.

Practice vacuum

Oxysize eliminated the sudden exhalation. The respiratory system here is completely different. The correct breathing method is as follows: 1 deep breath + 3 small front breaths, then 1 slow deep breath + 3 pre-breaths. After eating, you should exercise one hour later. With this breathing, you can exercise the muscles of the abdominal wall, strengthen the abdominal muscles, and eliminate fat.

Complicate the task

When the excess fat disappears, weight training is necessary, and the muscles need to be twitched to force the muscles to respond to the load. For this, you need to use dumbbells and extenders for exercise. If you go to the gym, please use a simulator, such as a Smith machine, building blocks, etc.

For a flat abdomen, a combination of aerobic exercise and strength training is most effective. In addition to the counterweight, don't forget to run, skip rope, twist the hula hoop, and you can register for the swimming pool.

Suggestions for improving classroom efficiency

The comments and photos of people who have achieved their goals and have flat stomachs confirm that everyone can change themselves, mainly to have goals, not to find simple ways. Set yourself up immediately, you will not be squeezed within a week, you will need to do a lot of work.

If you know some simple secrets and follow some suggestions, you can improve the efficiency of training:

  • Create a personalized diet for yourself. You should not strictly restrict food. Adhering to the PP principle is sufficient. The diet does not include candy, flour, smoked meat, alcohol and carbonated drinks. To dry, you must eat protein foods.
  • Get more fresh air, start jogging in the morning and exercise.
  • Arrange your own fast days.
  • Drink a lot of water. The daily fluid intake is 2 liters.
  • Before starting training, please warm up to heat up the muscles and joints, and after completing the training, spend 15 minutes doing stretching exercises.
  • Gradually increase the load. Start with the smallest number of sets and build them to the required level.
  • Practice music and keep in a good mood.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and sneakers.
  • Exercise slowly and at your own pace to avoid injury.

The above exercises and techniques will help girls or boys shape their bodies, eliminate the sides and turn the stomach into a flexible "cube". Come on, we believe in each of you!