Gymnastics for weight loss abs, waist and sides

Group workouts at the gym to lose weight

For most people, the stomach is the problem. First, fatty deposits start to build up in the area, ruining the overall appearance. You can solve this problem with physical exercise. To remove the flanks and excess fat from the waist, a special abdominal gymnastics was developed.

General advice

This gymnastics is a simple set of exercises that anyone who wants to lose weight can perform. In addition to getting rid of unnecessary fat, these exercises work the abdominal and back muscles and strengthen them. The skin on the abdomen and sides is tightened and the overall appearance is improved.

Abdominal weight loss gymnastics is an effective way to correct the waist figure (remove the abdomen and sides). But it should be remembered that in order to achieve the desired results, you need to keep practicing. Training should be done 3-4 times a week for at least 40 minutes each. Then you can see the first results 3-4 weeks after training starts.

This complex involves all the major muscle groups in the press. It includes the upper and lower muscles, the oblique muscles, and the transverse muscles. This allows you to remove fat from the sides and waist. In addition to them, the muscles of the back, hips and thighs are also strengthened. It should be noted that for more effective results, you will need to switch to proper nutrition.

Dieting is not necessary, but in order to lose weight, it is necessary to exclude high-fat foods from the menu. The focus should be on natural ingredients, mainly vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Also, drink the required amount of water (about two liters per day) to maintain water balance in the body while engaging in physical activity.

training rules

In order to have the greater effect of abdominal weight loss gymnastics, you need to pay attention to some nuances. They will help you avoid muscle damage and get more out of your training:

Important to know!

  • You should stop eating about 1. 5-2 hours before training and about 30 minutes after training. Also, drinking alcohol is not recommended during a set of exercises.
  • If certain exercises are too difficult for you, don't try to do them at all costs. It's best to focus on executing the action correctly. Gradually, the muscles will gain the necessary load and you will achieve the desired results.
  • It is best done on a dedicated mat to prevent joint injuries.
  • It is best to choose cotton clothing when training, as it passes the air well without interfering with its free circulation. Natural fabrics have a positive effect on the skin and do not irritate the skin.
  • During training, you need to breathe properly. Breathing should be deep and controlled. Practice smoothly, don't rush for success.
  • Before you start exercising, you need to warm up. It is required in order to warm up the muscles and prepare them for the main exercise. By ignoring the warm-up, you may stretch the muscle tissue.

The warm-up consists of simple movements that everyone performs in gym class during childhood. These are head and pelvic rotation, swinging arms and legs, squats. In sequence, start rubbing your neck, arms, lower back, and legs.

A very effective abdominal and side weight loss exercise is the twist of the waist hoop. Combined with a set of exercises, you will shed body fat faster.

You can also include running in place and skipping rope as part of your warm-up. Warm up takes 10 minutes. Then continue with the main exercises of the complex.


Abdominal weight loss gymnastics are designed to work the rectus, transverse and oblique muscles of the abdomen. Thanks to this, you can quickly remove the sides of the waist and cellulite, and tighten the skin and make it elastic.

leg lift

This simple exercise helps to get rid of belly fat. Lie down on the mat on your back. Put your hands on your body, palms down. Lift your legs so they form a right angle to your body. Slowly lower your leg back into place without slamming it to the floor.

Ascent should happen on inhalation, lowering - exhalation. In the kneecap, the leg cannot bend. If you can't get your straight legs into the correct position, do your best, but they should be straight.

plank exercise

Very effective for media. It normalizes the stomach and sides, allowing you to get rid of excess fat. Lie face down on the mat. Then lift your torso against your toes and elbows. Also, make sure that the body is not bent anywhere.

This is especially true for the pelvis. Diarrhea as much as possible. The torso should be parallel to the floor. Hold this position for about a minute (or as long as possible).

pelvic lift

Lie on your back on the mat. Bend your legs and place them near your hips, about 30-40 cm apart, and grab your ankles with your palms. Elevate the pelvis as high as possible.

Hold this pose for a few seconds. Slowly lower your body back into position without letting your lower back drop to the floor.

side crunch

A good exercise to remove the sides. The starting position is the same. Put your feet on the mat with your knees slightly bent. Put your hands behind your head. As you lift your torso, touch your right kneecap with your left elbow.

Slowly return to the starting position. Then touch your left knee with your right elbow.

Hull lifting

Take a supine position. Bend your legs slightly and place them on your feet, some distance from your hips. The distance between your feet should be 30-40 cm. Keep your hands behind your head or locked in front of you.

Lift your body so that it is at right angles to the floor. Lower your torso smoothly without falling to the floor.

Work out the top half of the press. The starting position is the same. Bend your knees and lift so your shins are parallel to the floor. In this case, the hips will form a right angle to the body. Put your hands behind your head.

Do upper body lifts, but instead of using your entire back, use only your shoulder blades. At the same time, don't lower your head to the floor during the reverse movement. So you get small movements in small increments.


This exercise is also effective for removing fat deposits on the sides. In the same position (with your back on the mat), lift your legs until they form a right angle with the floor. Perform a torso raise while touching your right palm to your left ankle. Slowly return to the starting position. Now do the same thing with the other hand.

Pelvic lifts are difficult. These moves also allow you to remove the sides and folds of your abdomen. Lie on your back, bend your legs and bring your feet close to your pelvis. Lift your left leg and place its foot on your right knee. Put your hands behind your head.

Do a pelvic lift and lift it as high as you can. Then switch legs.

sports scissors

Lie on your back on the mat and stretch your legs. Put your hands behind your head. Lift your legs about 20cm off the ground and start swinging your legs crossed. However, they must be straight.

With each movement of the leg, alternate: first the upper right, then the upper left. Finally, slowly lower your legs to the floor.

All exercises should be performed for 10-15 reps, 3 sets throughout the workout. Between sets, you need to rest for about 1-2 minutes before doing a new one. If you are a beginner and have a hard time doing this, try one method and do 8-10 reps of each exercise.

Remember, the day after training, your muscles will be sore. Especially the sides and abdominal muscles can be injured. This is the body's normal response. The pain disappeared after a few days. Therefore, it is not possible to withdraw from training. You have to adapt your body to the stress.

Don't try to maximise your workout right away, it can have a detrimental effect on your health. Start with small loads and gradually increase them.

During your workout, you should feel a little tired. If you notice that your muscles are overworked, stop exercising and rest.

Exercise combined with proper nutrition is most effective in combating excess weight. Also, don't forget that you need to exercise regularly. By following all the advice and doing it consistently, you can tighten your abs and sides quickly.