Protein diet: a week’s weight loss menu

Protein diet food

Safe and effective protein diets are very popular today. This article introduces the weight loss menu for a week.

Simple weekly protein weight loss system

The first standard menu in a protein diet

Experts recommend that you extract 150 grams of low-fat natural cheese for a day to start your life. Tonic tea and refreshing coffee are suitable as morning drinks. Apples are used as a hearty snack. We use 150 grams of boiled chicken breast to prepare a protein lunch. Complement the meal with a slice of whole wheat bread. In the late afternoon, an afternoon snack was arranged; 100 grams of natural yogurt suitable for this. You need a hearty dinner to eliminate unnecessary hunger; for this, 200 grams of steamed fish dishes and a small but rich vegetable salad are suitable.

The second day of a nutritious protein diet

Make sure that breakfast includes not only tea or coffee, but also natural and delicious sugar-free yogurt-150 grams. Next comes snacks, which can be orange. Then dine with beef stew and vegetables-only 150 grams. For afternoon snacks, a glass of kefir is appropriate. For dinner, we will eat raw vegetables and grilled fish-200 grams of each.

The third day of a protein diet

The classic breakfast of a protein diet is egg white. It is recommended to eat 3 more slices and add tea or coffee to it. Then there is a snack, which some people call the second breakfast, for which we chose our favorite fruit. To have a proper lunch, you need to eat turkey-200 grams of turkey and 6 tablespoons of brown rice. Any non-sweetened curd product can be used as an afternoon snack. You need to have dinner, boiled beef and cabbage salad, 150 grams per dish.

The fourth day of protein intake

While maintaining a protein diet, you need to have breakfast with a cup of low-fat light kefir and a few oatmeal biscuits. Then, you should have some snacks by eating grapefruit. We had lunch, including chicken fillet and asparagus-200 grams of each product. For protein snacks, drink a glass of fermented roasted milk or kefir. The last meal should be boiled fish-200 grams and a portion of vegetables-150 grams.

The fifth day of protein nutrition system

Eat breakfast-about 150 grams of cheese, and drink coffee or tea. Eat some apple-shaped snacks before lunch, including 200 grams of boiled fish and a slice of whole wheat bread. You need to mix yogurt and afternoon snack in a sugar-free natural fermented milk base, 100 grams is enough. Mussel salad-150 grams, steamed beef-200 grams.

Protein diet on the sixth day

In order to feel comfortable on the penultimate day of a protein diet, you should make an omelet with a few egg whites for breakfast, and don’t forget to drink tea or coffee. If you want to eat snacks, you can eat citrus. On this day, we use 200 grams of bean stew and add 150 grams of vegetables. A glass of kefir afternoon snack. A simple dinner set is a 100g salad and about 150g boiled fish.

The seventh day of a protein diet

In order to complete the weekly diet, a standard protein breakfast-150 grams of cheese and any coffee was used. Take apples as a snack. In order to make a proper lunch, you need beef broth with vegetables, exactly 100 grams of beef and a slice of whole wheat bread products. You should pair unsweetened tofu products with your afternoon snack. Dinner includes salad and beef-100 grams per dish.

Weight loss protein products

Protein diet rules for weight loss

In most cases, the human body easily accepts a protein diet. The weight loss menu for a week has been carefully designed. If you organize such a food system correctly, it can work normally with minimal side effects. The longest eating time is 14 days. After finishing eating, it’s best to take a six-month break while keeping in mind the generally accepted standards of healthy eating. In order to prevent nutritional deficiencies, you need to take appropriate drugs to provide the body with important vitamins and basic trace elements. Proper drinking habits must be followed, about 2 liters of water are consumed every day.

In order to prevent malfunctions, you can eat a small amount of your favorite dishes and eat as little as possible. It is recommended to take such prevention once a week. Healthy fats are allowed in the form of linseed oil. The optimal daily amount of the product is 2 tablespoons. The last meal should be about 3 hours before going to bed. When practicing any protein diet, a sedentary lifestyle is forbidden. To get a beautiful figure, you need exercise.

For complete health and safety, you need to consult an expert to determine whether it is suitable for a fashionable protein diet. You can decide the weight loss menu for the week at your discretion by introducing suitable products. It is forbidden to include many common foods. These are canned foods, various semi-finished products, delicious pastries, chocolates and any candy. The ban also includes dairy products that are characterized by high fat content. There is not enough fruit in the diet, with the exception of citrus and apples. In order to lose weight, you will have to give up vegetables, which have a high ratio of sugar and starch. Fruit juices, preserves, any soda and sugar (including substitutes) are not suitable for a protein diet.