7 exercises to lose weight for all muscle groups

Building a slim and athletic body is not easy, especially when you want everything at once. For this reason, training complexes for all muscle groups are being developed. They keep the whole body in good condition and burn the most calories. Goodbye, waist, hips and hips add another centimeter!

Here are some weight loss exercises that you can learn quickly and easily in the gym and at home.

But first, to be ready to warm up, you can start by running on the spot or walking intensively.

National Movement-Bobby

Bobby's full physical exercise

It is hard to imagine a more complicated load, because it will involve the muscles of the arms, chest, biceps, buttocks, buttocks, and abdominal muscles, and the core muscles will also be developed. At first glance, it does not seem to be difficult to complete the exercise until the moment you try to perform the exercise.

  1. Sit down and put your hands on the floor.
  2. Push your legs back and extend to the push up position.
  3. From this position, pull your legs sharply up to your arms.
  4. Stand up and jump up.
  5. Finally, clap your hands.

After repeating 5 times, you will feel a burning sensation all over your body. Arrange a timer to alternate between 30 seconds of energy and 2 minutes of rest. To get results, follow 2-3 methods.

Abdominal and waist exercises

To reduce the weight on the abdomen and sides, start lifting first.

Twist your body to overcome excess weight on both sides

During this process, exercise the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles. It is very suitable for those who have extra workload in this area, and those who are sedentary, because it can reduce back pain.

The technique is simple:

  • Bend your knees and sit on the floor/yoga mat, rest your heels.
  • Keep the backrest straight.
  • Fold your arm into the lock and place it behind your head. The elbows should spread out to the sides.
  • Then start vigorous sit-ups alternately.

Do it at least 30 times.


Practice scissors for the press

This method will help build up the abdomen and legs. There are multiple levels of difficulty, the easiest is when the legs are at a 90-degree angle. The picture shows the most difficult option. The body is exhausted to the greatest extent and requires concentration of strength and breathing.

  1. Lie on your back. The head, back and lower back are pressed on the floor.
  2. Inhale and raise your straight legs to a comfortable height (10 to 90°).
  3. Start hanging your legs in the air without touching the floor.

Repeat 3 sets of 30 swings.

Leg movement

Slim legs swinging squat

The easiest and most famous hip and hip exercise-squat. . . You can play them in the classic version, or you can complicate them, for example, by adding a swing.

  • Start with a squat, making sure that your knees do not exceed your toes.
  • Transfer your weight to the supporting leg, twist your body and hit (blow) hard.
  • Return to the starting position, and then squat down again. Repeat the exercise on the other leg.

Two to three sets of 20 repetitions are sufficient.

Forward lunge

Punctures reduce the volume of legs and buttocks

It's hard to imagine leg exercises without this sport. In addition to muscles, coordination is also developed.

  • Stand up straight with your feet hip-width apart and slightly bent.
  • Take a big step forward while keeping your back straight.
  • Transfer your weight to your dominant leg.
  • You should have three right angles: left and right knees, between the legs and the body.
  • Freeze in this position for a few seconds and maintain the original posture.

In order to get the effect of burning fat, please do 2-3 sets of 20 times. When you get used to the load, use weights-weights or simple tools (such as water bottles).

Exercise your hands

push ups

Push-up girl gets beautiful hands from the floor

Many girls avoid doing this kind of exercise because they are afraid of getting masculine hands. Stay calm. To achieve such relief, you need to work hard for more than a year. We know that push-ups are not given to many people at all. There is nothing wrong. If it is difficult to stretch your arms with your open legs, please bend and extend your knees. When the muscles adapt to the load, try the classic version again.

First perform 2 sets of 10 times each, and then proceed gradually.

Exercising the chest and back

This area accumulates the least fat, but needs to be pumped to maintain a graceful posture and maintain a harmonious proportion of the body. Take a few minutes to exercise"ferry"or"Superman". . .

  • Take the starting position-lie on the floor, face down, and stretch your arms forward.
  • Inhale and gently lift your chest and legs off the ground.
  • As you exhale, lower yourself to the starting position.
  • Repeat without stopping 20 times (3 sets).
Exercise the boat to maintain a beautiful posture

All of these exercises can be done at home, but honestly, in most cases, there are 1000 excuses and 1 excuse. Lack of magic pen, lack of competitive spirit, and sometimes even the necessary equipment.

Unusual weight loss method to reduce the load on all muscle groups

If the classic method does not work and you are boring to practice basics, please try other methods outside the home. For example, jumping on a trampoline. Not only the sights you can see in parks or children's attractions, but also sports venues. You will bear a huge burden on your entire body, but be prepared to be inseparable from your sore throat the next day.

Another option is rock climbing. At first glance, it seems that only the arms are working there, but this is not the case. The entire body and legs are also involved in the lifting process. Isn't it many kinds?

If you haven't heard of Zumba, then here we are. This is a special kind of magic-exercise in accordance with the rhythm of the music.

Zumba dance to reduce excess calories

Many girls face sagging skin during the weight loss process. It loses its elasticity and becomes loose. It seems that everything possible has been done to avoid this situation, and as a result, another number is added to the question of that number. Don't panic, this is a normal physiological process. Keep practicing.

General advice

There is no universal weight loss method, please consider your personal characteristics and parameters. The speed of weight loss varies from person to person. Please calculate the number of calories burned to lose weight.

Try to exercise and learn how to enjoy exercise. Record your feelings after exercise, the energy, joy and self-satisfaction that exercise brings to you.

Don't neglect to warm up and cool down. These important and essential steps can help you avoid injury.

Can't study at home? As practice shows, the best motivation is to purchase a subscription. The thought of skipping exercise started to suffocate toad. In addition, seeing the results of others will make you want to put in more effort.