Weight loss and health for lazy people

Apples lose weight on a lazy diet

For many people today, extra weight is a problem. The reasons for this are usually poor nutrition and lack of exercise. But even lazy people can find the right way to lose weight, although certain actions and diets have to be done for this. This kind of weight loss is okay for lazy people, but simple physical exercise is also indispensable here. If being overweight is associated with various diseases, it is advisable to contact a nutritionist so that he can choose a special diet without compromising health. In other cases, the question of how to lose weight can be addressed by other means.

lazy meal plan

How to lose weight, lose excess weight fast, and improve your body? Often, too much fat can adversely affect overall health, leading to various diseases. A lazy diet allows you to tackle this problem without severe dietary restrictions. What other diets have in common is that the amount of frying, flour, and sweets is minimized because it is these foods that cause the accumulation of fat.

You must drink 2 full glasses of non-carbonated mineral water before each meal. Mineral water is ready to eat after 20 minutes. You cannot drink it with a meal, the first liquid should only be consumed 2 hours later. The recipe for the diet itself is simple, as follows:

  • Breakfast menu. First, you need to drink 2 full glasses of mineral water. Breakfast can be started in 20 minutes. The choice of products is not limited in any way, but you should not get too carried away. It must be remembered that during breakfast, the body has to get everything it needs, so it is impossible to live on a small piece of cheese. Too much portion is not worth it, it can only achieve the bad feeling of overeating, and the calories will quickly turn into excess fat;
  • Broth and meat for lunch. Before dinner, you must also drink mineral water. It is best to cook broth, boiled meat, vegetable salad. You can't drink it, the first sip can only be taken after 2 hours;
  • Dinner plans are no different from previous meals.

Charge the lazy

To lose weight, weight loss exercise is essential and you can do it at home. They don't require special effort, but they will have the desired effect of shedding excess pounds. Gymnastics must be combined with proper nutrition, and the practice itself must be done regularly, not sporadically.

Physical activity can be selected from the following activities:

  • Abs exercises. You must lie comfortably on your back, then take a deep breath and exhale slowly, not through your nose, but through your mouth. Tuck your abdomen in as far as you can under your ribs and hold for 15 breaths. It might not work the first time, but it will gradually increase over time. This exercise should be done 8-10 times, and the abdominal muscles are tense when contracting;
  • Include the practice of walking while lying down. You must lie on your back with your arms extended freely along your body. Extend the toes of the leg toward you, and then make a motion that mimics walking. Such exercises can be performed without preparation and without time constraints. In this case, not only the problem of how to lose weight is solved, but the work of the intestines is improved, the salt is accelerated, the muscles are warmed up, and the blood circulation of the legs is improved;
  • Limb rotation. These are the simplest exercises that can be performed in any position. They include the fact that part of the leg or arm is rotated at any angle. You need to repeat them 15 times, doing gymnastics with hands, feet, elbows, knees, ankles;
  • Gymnastics to improve blood circulation. You need to lie comfortably on your back and remove a twisted roller from the towel under your head. The arms and legs are alternately raised and must be shaken afterwards. Duration up to 300 times. Such a simple exercise will allow you to renew lymph, strengthen the walls of capillaries, and greatly improve blood circulation;
  • Lazy gymnastics include media exercises. Not only does it remove excess weight, but it also makes the figure more attractive and flattering the belly. In the supine position, the straightened leg needs to be raised 45°. Now they need to make a very slow turn in a different direction. Each such round should last 30 seconds. For one method, the number of turns in different directions is 10.

All exercises should be done daily, so it's best to have a schedule. It might be difficult at first, but it's easy to get into a rhythm over time, and gymnastics won't cause any difficulty. Best done in the morning and afternoon, you need to start with simple exercises and work your way up to more complex ones.

Helpful Tips for Lazy People

For weight loss to work, you need to follow some very simple rules that will help you get back to normal weight quickly and easily. The following tips are worth paying attention to.

  1. Great for normal sex, no matter how weird it sounds. At this point, the number of calories burned is the same as after 15 minutes of running. A healthy sex life allows you to strengthen your immune system, not only flush out toxins from your body, but also many diseases and improve your mood. Stimulates increased blood flow containing oxygen. This causes bad cholesterol to start burning very quickly, that is, without sagging skin, weight starts to drop.
  2. The TV should be turned off more often, as time spent in front of the screen will only add extra weight, making the figure ugly and disproportionate. In the same posture, even when turning left and right, certain cells are put under intense pressure, which causes fat accumulation to become very active. You can't lie in front of the TV all the time, better get out for some fresh air and take a walk. It also helps with homework.
  3. When cooking, it is advisable to reject fat or reduce it to a minimum. This can even be achieved using regular napkins. For example, before you eat a piece of meat, pizza, or sausage, you need to lightly blot them with a paper towel to remove at least some of the fat. Therefore, its amount can be reduced by about 14%. The comments about this approach are positive and it does work.
  4. Food purchases must be planned in advance. To lose weight, it is best to buy vegetables and fruits for cooking, and eat less sweets, flour and various convenience foods. If you relax during weight loss and start eating this "bad" food, your waist will increase by a centimeter.
  5. Some experts claim that kissing can reduce weight by 1kg per month. Just one kiss, involving 30 facial muscles, burns 12 calories. Just kiss 3 times a day for 30 days and lose 1kg.
  6. You need to smile a lot - even lazy people can do it. A good mood has a positive effect on overall well-being. Bad mood and depression are the reasons why cortisol, a hormone that causes fat accumulation, starts to actively start to build up, which is when the body starts to actively reserve for difficult times.

More fluids and fresh air

drink water on a lazy diet

Losing weight is all about dieting, so servings should be small, so snacking is not a problem. Experts recommend using this tricky trick: take a very small plate so that even a small amount of food looks large. This visual trick makes you feel full even from a small portion.

Before going to bed, you need to open the window, that is, arrange ventilation. If you sleep in a cool room, instead of white fat, the body starts to produce brown fat, which means the body starts to burn calories to warm it up. The same applies to food. If you drink cool or cold water before eating, the body doesn't accumulate the calories it gets from food and starts using them to heat the cold water. The method is simple, but losing weight is easier and more effective.

The amount of fluid in the diet should be high. Drink 2 glasses of water immediately 15 minutes before a meal, but not with a meal. The first bite is only allowed after a few hours. Only a small cup of unsweetened coffee is allowed immediately after a meal, but broth may be consumed with the meal. The rules are simple, but this lazy weight loss method will allow you to lose 5-8kg in 2 weeks, which is unlikely with other diets.

How to lose weight without compromising your health? This question worries many people. Some people are too lazy to diet strictly and don't exercise at all. This results in only weight gain and overall worsening of the condition. It is for these lazy people that special techniques have been developed that allow you to lose kilos without much effort. However, that doesn't mean you can just sit in front of the TV without following nutritional rules and lose the weight. Any weight loss requires minimal measures and effort.