7-Day Kefir Diet: Menu, Performance, Reviews

The use of kefir to get rid of excess weight

As you know, being overweight is a problem faced by many people. In the struggle for a perfect body, a variety of methods are used, including specially selected exercises, nutritional corrections, massages and cosmetic procedures.

What if you need to lose extra pounds fast? The kefir diet, designed for 7 days, is considered a very effective weight loss method. According to the reviews, this diet helps in quick weight loss. Is it really that easy? The answer to this question is of interest to many.

What is the 7-day kefir diet? Pros and cons, possible difficulties and problems - this is important information not to be ignored.

Basic properties of kefir. dietary benefits

Kefir is a healthy drink and it is recommended to incorporate it into your daily diet.

As you know, kefir is a very useful product. Nutritionists and doctors recommend including it in your daily diet because drinking a delicious, sour drink can have a beneficial effect on the work of almost all organs, especially the digestive ones.

Before starting a diet, you should familiarize yourself with the main properties of kefir:

  • As you know, the ingredients of this product contain live strains of beneficial lactic acid bacteria. Its regular use helps to normalize the qualitative and quantitative composition of the intestinal flora.
  • Kefir improves bowel movements and is an excellent way to prevent constipation.
  • This product has been shown to enhance the production of gastric juices, which normalize the digestive process.
  • Due to the normalization of the microflora, kefir strengthens the body's defenses and improves the functioning of the immune system.
  • Additionally, regular use of the product helps to free the body from excess fluid and improves kidney function.
  • Kefir helps clear undigested food from the gut.
  • The product helps reduce the severity of allergy symptoms, which in turn is associated with beneficial effects on the immune system.
  • Regular consumption of fermented dairy products can improve the condition of the skin, prevent the formation of acne, have a positive effect on the visual organs, and prevent the appearance of edema.

As you can see, kefir is a very useful product. It should not only be consumed in the diet, but also included in the daily diet.

How to choose products?

Are you going to stick to the basic principles of the kefir diet? In 7 days, kefir will be your main course. That's why it's so important to choose truly high-quality and useful products.

As you know, kefir is available in any store. It should be understood, however, that this product must contain a sufficient amount of lactic acid bacteria. That's why when choosing kefir, be sure to pay attention to its shelf life. If allowed to store for several weeks, this means that various preservatives and antibiotics are added to the product, which can adversely affect the properties of kefir. Products with a short shelf life are more useful. In any case, kefir is unlikely to last very long in the refrigerator.

During the buying process, it's worth looking at the kefir's fat percentage. For dieting, a one percent product is appropriate. By the way, it's low in calories - no more than 40 calories in 100 grams of product.

Of course, you can cook your own kefir. Natural products are always more useful. Naturally, homemade kefir will be higher in calories - in which case it can and should be diluted 1: 1 with purified, digested, and chilled water.

How to prepare your body for the transition to dieting?

The diet needs to prepare the body by gradually adding kefir to the diet

The kefir diet can have very good results. 7 days - 10 kg drop. However, this dietary change is stressful for the body. Proper preparation for your diet is very important. This will make it easier to move it instead of breaking it.

Preparations take an average of one week. It is necessary to gradually reduce the calories in the daily diet - it should not exceed 1200-1400 calories. The menu in this case is very simple:

  • You can have porridge for breakfast, but cook it in water. You can drink tea. Brown sugar and fructose are allowed.
  • As a snack, you can use kefir - one cup is enough.
  • A light vegetable soup is recommended for lunch. The second course is grilled or boiled meat and salad.
  • About 2 hours after dinner, another glass of kefir is recommended.
  • Ideally, dinner should include steamed fish or other seafood.
  • In the evening, drink another glass of kefir, as this will help with hunger pangs.

Of course, the list of products and dishes can be changed. But it's important to pay attention to your diet and gradually reduce your food intake.

rigorous methodology

Kefir Only Single Diet - Strict Weight Loss Method 3 Days

The essence of the easiest way to eat is to drink only kefir during the day. The recommended dosage is 1-2 liters. Of course, you can only use non-fat products. It's an unbearably rigid food system. That's why experts don't recommend sticking to it for more than 3-4 days in a row.

It should be understood that kefir alone does not saturate the body with sufficient amounts of minerals and other beneficial substances. Therefore, it is important to include multivitamins in your diet - this will help prevent the development of anemia and beriberi.

One more important point - you need to maintain water balance. Remember, it is recommended to drink about 2-3 liters of clean, non-carbonated water per day. By the way, this rule should be followed during dieting and any other time. This helps to improve bodily functions, improve kidney function, remove toxins from the body and relieve hunger a little.

7-Day Kefir Diet from the Stars: Menu and Helpful Advice

Weekly Kefir Diet Can Supplement Apples

For those who live and work with stars, it's no secret that a pop jazz singer has a curvaceous figure for a long time. That's why her figure has become a topic of conversation among fans. After a while, the famous singer adhered to a 7-day kefir diet, which, in fact, allowed her to lose excess weight.

The menu for this diet is simple - you don't need to buy expensive products. The meal plan is designed for a week:

  • first day. You can eat 400 grams of potatoes (about five small potatoes). It has to be boiled in the uniform and then washed. The daily diet should be supplemented with two cups of low-fat kefir.
  • The second day was harder. The menu includes half a liter of nonfat kefir and 200 grams of 15% sour cream (about 5-6 tablespoons).
  • On the third day, cottage cheese can be eaten - 7-8 tablespoons in the diet. Of course, you need to take low-fat products. Don't forget kefir - 500ml per day.
  • On the fourth day, meat can be added to the diet, that is, boiled chicken breast. Half a kilo of meat should be cooked without salt. As before, the menu is replenished with 0. 5 liters of kefir.
  • The fifth day is often referred to as the vitamin. Allow about one kilogram of apples per day (green fruits are best in this case). If desired, replace the apples with freshly grated carrots (about 500 grams). On this day, it is important to fill the body with vitamins, fiber and other useful substances. Include the same 2 cups (0. 5 liters) of fat-free kefir in your diet.
  • On the sixth day, it was actually unloading. Only kefir is allowed - one liter per day.
  • The seventh day was the last and most difficult day. Only mineral water is allowed.

By the way, there is no pattern either, so one can eat at any time of the day. The daily dose of the product can be divided into several doses.

Kefir-Buckwheat Method and Its Characteristics

Buckwheat and kefir - a menu of options for an effective weight loss diet

There are many ways to lose weight fast. The kefir-buckwheat diet is popular. A 7-day dietary restriction really does help to get in shape. Thanks to the use of grains, the body gets enough nutrients and it is easier to cope with hunger.

So what does the kefir-buckwheat diet look like? The 7-day menu is as simple as possible:

  • In the morning, you must first drink a glass of pure water (do not replace it with soda or coffee);
  • For breakfast, you can have about 3-5 tablespoons of cooked buckwheat (in addition, a cup of green tea or coffee, but always without sugar);
  • Lunch includes a cup of yogurt;
  • Buckwheat for lunch (the serving is still the same, no more than five tablespoons);
  • Between lunch and dinner, they drink a kefir;
  • Dinner includes a standard buckwheat and a glass of kefir;
  • Fermented milk beverages are not recommended before bed - it's better to use a glass of water instead.

This diet should be followed within a week. Buckwheat can be prepared ahead of time, but you can't use salt, butter, or sour cream -- only grains.

By the way, there is another variation of this diet. Its base is still kefir and buckwheat, but not boiled grains. At night, you need to pour in the buckwheat with cold water - it will soak until the morning and then it will be ready to use. As before, salt and other additives cannot be used. Still, grains with water can be eaten in unlimited amounts (though, as weight loss folks' reviews attest to, you're unlikely to consume large amounts). Drink a liter of fat-free kefir a day. This will be your diet for next week.

It is worth noting that such a power scheme has some advantages. First of all, it must be said that kefir and buckwheat are cheap and affordable products that can be purchased in any store.

This grain is very useful for the body. Along with buckwheat porridge, the body can absorb important minerals like potassium, iron, magnesium and calcium. In addition, grains contain vegetable protein, rutin and other useful substances. Regular consumption of buckwheat can improve the function of the gut and other digestive organs. In addition, the product thins the blood, prevents the formation of blood clots, helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia.

mild menu

Four kefir during the day - a gentle way to lose weight with the kefir diet

Many people decide to switch to a kefir diet for 7 days. Of course, such a system also has drawbacks. One of them is constant hunger and the discomfort associated with it. Furthermore, the "kefir" hunger strike is a huge stress that not every organism can handle. That's why it's worth considering a more frugal nutritional system, which is easier to stick to. Take a look at the example menu:

  • 7. 00 - You can drink tea, preferably green tea, of course, without sugar;
  • 9. 00 - First meal, including 300 grams of freshly grated carrots (could be seasoned with vegetable oil, but of course a small amount);
  • 11. 00 - 200 g unsalted chicken breast (must be boiled or grilled, but never deep fried);
  • 13: 00 - a large apple and a glass of kefir;
  • 15. 00 - a boiled egg and kefir;
  • 17: 00 - You can have a snack with another apple and a kefir;
  • 19. 00 - black raisins or plums (about 100 g);
  • 21. 00 - A glass of kefir.

In this case, it is very important to stick to your diet, eating at specific times of the day. This allows you to cope with hunger and spread out your metabolism. By the way, such a diet allows you to fine-tune your figure. Although the body will get enough nutrients in addition to food, it is still recommended to take extra vitamins.

other types of diet

In fact, there are many varieties of this diet. The 7-day kefir diet menu can vary. As mentioned earlier, grains, vegetables, fruits, and other low-calorie but healthy foods can be included in your diet.

A good variation is the 7-day apple kefir diet. Reviews suggest that such a plan can allow you to lose 4 to 10 kg per week (depending on the amount of excess weight). In this case, the daily menu consists of 1. 5-2 liters of kefir and 1. 5-2 kg of apples. As in the previous case, it is best to drink clean water in the morning. You can also drink green tea, but without sugar. Apples are best to choose green, homemade (not too sweet fruit is suitable).

The so-called striped kefir diet is also popular. Its essence is simple: on the first day you can only drink kefir, on the second - stick to the usual diet. This diet can last 2-4 weeks. By the way, reviews indicate that this diet is much better tolerated as it is unloaded every other day.

In any case, such a drastic nutritional change will have a positive effect on the figure - kilograms will begin to melt before our eyes.

How to get out of a diet?

Because the body doesn't get enough nutrients during the eating process, the metabolism slows down. If you suddenly go back to your usual diet after a week, the kilos lost will come back quickly.

That's why it's so important not only to be prepared, but to quit the diet. The calorie content of the diet must be constantly increased - this will allow the body to adapt and speed up the metabolism.

For the other 7 days after the diet is over, you will need to stick to roughly the same diet as during the prep period. Gradually increase the amount of food each day. Experts recommend avoiding table salt for now (you can at least try to keep it to a minimum). Of course, this can complement other spices, as well as natural soy sauce.

You can drink coffee and tea, but preferably without sugar. Of course, if you want to stay in shape, then you should monitor your diet carefully. It's important to reduce your intake of pastries, sugar, sweets, fats and fried foods - this will help keep you in good shape. In fact, according to statistics, only 3-5% of dieters maintain their ideal weight after they stop dieting.

Contraindications: When Should You Not Follow This Diet?

Many people are interested in the 7-day results that a kefir diet can provide. Losing 10kg in a week is a very attractive result. However, this is a very restrictive food system and it's not for everyone. Also, for many, the kefir diet (7 or 3 days) is a no-no.

First, it's worth noting that such a drastic nutritional change is a huge strain on the body. A 7-day kefir diet can only aggravate a person's health, such as during an infectious disease. Chronic inflammatory processes can also be attributed to contraindications. First, you need to deal with the illness and give your body time to fully recover.

The kefir diet (7 or 3 days) is unlikely to be useful for people whose work is associated with intense physical exertion. Contraindications include gastric ulcers, various forms of gastritis, and liver and kidney dysfunction. Of course, diabetics cannot follow this diet because fasting can cause sudden changes in blood sugar levels. A similar weight loss diet is also not recommended for people with hypotension.

The kefir diet depletes vitamin and mineral stores within a week, so people with anemia and beriberi should not follow this diet. Of course, under no circumstances should a woman lose weight in this way during pregnancy as well as while breastfeeding, because dietary restrictions can affect not only the mother's body, but also the child's.

In any case, if you're going to stick to a 7-day kefir diet, you should first get a medical exam and consult a specialist.

Does dieting hurt the body? possible side effects

Lost 10kg in one week with a kefir diet

We've covered the basics of the 7-day diet. The menu and its possible variations, contraindications, rules for preparing for this nutritional system are of course important information. But it should be understood that such a diet is potentially dangerous to the body.

As they say, to lose weight yourself, the diet is sometimes unbearable. Due to a poor diet, metabolism can slow dramatically as the body goes into "energy-saving" mode in the presence of nutritional deficiencies. Some people complain of intestinal problems. Sometimes there is a violation of the stool, especially constipation.

Don't forget the constant hunger, sometimes accompanied by abdominal discomfort or even pain. Many people notice the appearance of severe headaches, which are also due to hunger strikes.

A 7-day review of the kefir diet indicated that weakness, tremors, and other unpleasant sensations associated with lower sugar levels in the body were likely. Some dieters notice that sometimes the weakness is so pronounced that dizziness and fainting occur.

It should be understood that if a drastic change in nutrition causes this unpleasant feeling, pain, fainting, then you need to immediately stop the fast. Other diets that are gentler on the body and less stressful may work for you. In any case, losing weight too quickly can negatively impact your health. Also, there is always a risk of stretch marks on the skin.

There is another point that cannot be ignored. Restricting nutrients can help with being overweight. But such drastic weight loss affects the appearance of the skin: it becomes saggy and is often covered with stretch marks (stretch marks). Therefore, it is very important to carefully care for the skin during the diet, using special lotions, massage, etc.

Review the kefir diet for 7 days. What results can you expect?

As you know, many people are trying various ways to shed excess pounds. A good option is a 7-day kefir diet. Weight loss reviews confirm that this diet allows you to get good, and most importantly, fast results.

Naturally, it should be understood that even if buckwheat, fruit or other foods are added to the diet, such a diet is not easily tolerated. That's why under no circumstances should a diet be so radically altered - first you need to prepare for the diet, gradually reducing the number of calories in your daily menu.

Weight-lossers note that such drastic changes are often unbearable. Reviews suggest that this diet is often accompanied by physical weakness (sometimes headaches) and, of course, hunger. After a few days, however, the discomfort was gone and the melted kilo was worth the brief discomfort.

For some people, a 7-day kefir diet is ideal. 10 kilograms, smooth sailing, is the result that you can only be happy. Many people who lose weight every 1-2 months fast on kefir for a few days - this helps improve the digestive system, cleanse the gut, and of course maintain the weight.

Of course, a 7-day kefir diet can help shed excess pounds quickly. According to reviews, a 10kg weight loss is the real result of this nutritional technique. However, it is worth knowing that the weight lost can be regained quickly. It is very important to stick to a reasonable nutritional regime and to leave the diet. Also, physical activity, regular exercise, cosmetic surgery will be useful - this will help keep your body in good shape and also affect your well-being.