Why the diet of French nutritionist Pierre Ducant is so popular and effective

Not everyone can lose weight quickly and easily. Sometimes you have to fight for kilograms or even weeks or months of fighting. It is this choice that created the Dukane Diet. In this system, everyone is losing weight, regardless of gender and age.

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Who is Pierre Ducan?

A French doctor and nutritionist created this diet and named it after his last name. Pierre Dukan developed the system 30 years ago, but it became famous after the author's textbook. In it, the author describes the mechanism in detail and describes the various stages. Pierre Dukan personally reduced the burden on this system. According to him, because of these four stages and no dietary restrictions, absolutely anyone can lose weight.

After the book was published, Pierre gained a global reputation, visited many countries, and starred in TV shows. A famous person tried his way of losing weight, which is a good PR. Later, similar ketogenic diets appeared on the basis of this system, but they did not gain such popularity.

Basic principles of diet

The diet of French doctors is based on protein nutrition and clearly restricts carbohydrates and fatty foods. But this does not mean that the diet will be monotonous, including monotonous chicken with kefir. On the contrary, Dukan’s protein diet is one of several ways that you can eat sweets, various beverages, pastries, as well as sugar substitutes and other diet products.

The lack of carbohydrates forces the body to actively break down protein foods and absorb energy from its own fat reserves.

As a basis, you can use the recipes given in the book (written here), or you can propose your own dishes from the allowed list. From the beginning of the diet to the end of the diet, Dr. Ducan strongly recommends taking oat bran. This is an essential fiber for the human body, which can clean the intestines, accelerate protein processing and bring a variety of flavors to the menu.

Description of the four stages

The system has been developed for a long time. Each stage is an important stage that you need to complete from start to finish. You cannot exchange or shorten the duration. Only in this case can the Dukan diet provide stable results. Whether it is one year or ten years, the lost kilograms will not be returned.

The main stages of the Dukane diet and their duration:

  • attack. This stage can make you believe in yourself, because you can share 3-7 kg of weight in a few days. The Ducan Attack Diet menu is only based on low fat, low protein and bran. The longest duration is 10 days, usually 3 to 7 days.
  • alternately. Unlike the attack, this phase is quite long and the duration depends on the initial weight. If there are many, you can stick to a rotation of 5, 7, or 9 months. Allowed vegetables and other foods have been added to protein foods, you can find them below. The number of days for protein and protein and vegetables alternates in an equal ratio of 1: 1, 2: 2, or 3: 3.
  • A merger is also a merger. The most important stage, otherwise the results will not be maintained. The calculation method of duration is as follows: It takes 10 days to lose 1 kg of weight. In other words, if you drop 7 kg, this stage will be equal to 70 days, which may be a little more, but not less.
  • stable. This is not even the stage of Dukane's diet, but the later life. The bottom line is simple-you need to schedule 1 day a week on the attack menu and then continue to use bran. This measure will prevent weight gain and keep you healthy for many years.

important! The duration of each period (phase) of the Dukane Diet depends on personal data and requires separate calculations.

How much weight can you lose?

Pierre Ducan's diet did not reveal exact figures. Some people can lose 5 kg in a month, while another can easily lose all 15 kg. Much depends on the strict compliance of the system and the initial parameters. If a person suffers from an endocrine disorder, then this diet may not work, otherwise the weight loss will be very slow.

On average, an attack will lose 2% to 4% to 5% of the initial body weight. When used in turn, you need to bear up to 2-3 kg of weight per week. When it is fixed at 70%, weight loss stops, sometimes the result is fluctuating, and the plumb line is replaced by a small increase.

What determines the outcome:

  • Start with the starting weight. If a person has only 5 to 10 extra pounds, he will never lose them in a month.
  • Start with the female cycle. If the weight does not decrease at some point, there is no need to despair. If you are on a diet, the weight scale will soon lose weight.
  • Work from the digestive tract. Constipation is a common phenomenon in Dukane's diet. It is necessary to monitor the chair and act in time.

The Ducan diet is not suitable for people who need to lose a few pounds. However, the system will become an export for people weighing more than 20 kg. Many people have reduced their weight by half, and got rid of 40 to 60 kilograms of weight with this system.

This girl is losing weight with the help of Dukane Nutrition System

Dukan's diet: where do you start the path to harmony?

Dr. Dukan suggested to start eating by studying his book. The system is difficult to understand before reading it from beginning to end. Perhaps this has not been the case until recently. But now there is a lot of structured information that can save time.

Where to start:

  1. Decided. The diet needs to be long. Holidays, holidays, stressful experiences, problems should not destroy the path to achieving goals. It is important to choose the most comfortable period for weight loss.
  2. Researching the Dukan diet, all stages, food lists, and formulating or finding suitable menus will require clearly following these menus.
  3. Purchase all products. You need to take care of your eating habits tomorrow. Otherwise, the interruption cannot be avoided. If you are working alone, it is recommended to use the Dukane Diet and prepare a menu in advance every day.
  4. Take measurements and weigh yourself. Visual assessment results are not always satisfactory, especially in the first few weeks of weight loss, and these numbers cannot be fooled.

Similarly, for the Dukane diet, it is important to buy a kitchen scale, which will help topping the bran and other ingredients.

Dietary rules

If the diet is not balanced, the body will need some substances. In order not to disrupt the work of internal processes, it is necessary to take a complex of vitamins and minerals from the beginning. It can also help protect the skin, hair, nails, and has a significant weight loss effect.

Other dietary rules:

  • Drink 1. 5 liters of water every day. This rule changes from one diet to another, and fluids are necessary for weight loss. Tea, coffee, any herbs are allowed, and you can add sugar substitutes in them.
  • Don't fry food in oil. But you can do it in a dry pot. Usually, dishes are prepared by simmering and boiling in the oven.
  • Although diet allows, you should not be taken away by sugar substitutes. The package will contain the maximum allowed daily dose. Overdose can cause nausea, which is a gastrointestinal problem.
  • You need to be careful about making dairy products. They have a high fat content and are not suitable for Dukan weight loss. The only exception is the return journey after separation of milk and cheese.

The serving size is not restricted by diet. However, you do not have to overeat. Protein foods can be well saturated to satisfy hunger, usually 150-200 grams is sufficient.

Below is a table with a five-meal menu, but there can be more choices. There is no need to quantify protein products and eating time.

"Attack" phase: allowed and prohibited food

The most difficult stage of Dukan's diet is the onset stage. The menu is strict and it contains the following foods. Among them, 72 plus 30 grams of oat bran. The important thing is that only they are in the composition, without additives and flour. Some people consume a tablespoon of bran, which is fundamentally a mistake. Chaffs are very light, so be sure to weigh them.

What can be consumed:

  • All kinds of low-fat meat and offal;
  • All birds except geese and ducks;
  • All kinds of fish, including high-fat varieties, canned food, smoked meat;
  • All seafood (scallops, shrimp, squid, even crab sticks);
  • Chicken, duck, quail eggs, but there are restrictions on the yolk (no more than a few per day);
  • The fat content in dairy products does not exceed 1%;
  • Ham, sausages, sausages with a maximum fat content of 4%;
  • Canned fish in juice;
  • Asian noodles, white rat rice;
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil.

How to determine the fat content of sausages? You only need to see how much fat is in every 100 grams of product, and this data is located next to the calorie content. If the fat content does not exceed 4 grams, it is suitable for the product.

All products not on the list are prohibited. These are grains, fruits, vegetables, fatty milk and meat. The ban includes nuts, sugar, mayonnaise and other purchased seasonings, beans, all baked goods and bread.

"Substitution" phase: allowed and prohibited foods

The alternating phases of the Dukane diet are often referred to as cruising because of the floating protein and mixed days. During this period, all products in the pre-attack phase were allowed, and various vegetables appeared.

Other products used interchangeably (DOP):

  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, pumpkins and all other vegetables except potatoes;
  • Mushrooms (fresh, pickled, grilled, stewed);
  • Various greens
  • 1 tablespoon l. Sunflower, olive, milk thistle or any other type of oil.

Protein products can be used in any combination, and multiple types can be used in one dish at the same time. But it is not recommended that you make a variety of vegetables, 2-3 kinds a day are enough. Add pumpkins, beets, and carrots to your diet more carefully because they contain starch and increase sugar content.

By the way, in some sources, Mr. Dukan allows a green apple in his diet. This is wrong information, and the doctor's growth is fruitless.

Vegetables at the Rotating Phase of the Dukane Diet

Supplemental Products (DOP)

Not all permitted products are given above. Dukan's diet is different from that of other systems. There are additives that can create interesting dishes. They can be used in baked goods, casseroles, main dishes.

What can be used in the diet:

  • Up to two tablespoons of tomato paste (not tomato paste);
  • Carbonated drinks 0 calories;
  • Soy sauce, all kinds of vinegar;
  • Garlic and onion;
  • 2 small cucumbers per day;
  • Yeast, soda water, leavening agent, gelatin, thickener;
  • Lemon juice;
  • Pickled ginger
  • Seaweed
  • Herb medicine, natural flavor;
  • Cocoa butter up to 12%
  • Skimmed milk powder.

Pay special attention to sugar substitutes. They allow you to cook pastries, cakes, jellies, ice cream and any other desserts. Some people only eat protein without frills. But following the monotonous menu of the Dukane diet for a long time can be boring. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to buying high-quality sugar substitutes and baking ingredients immediately.

Dukane's diet: every day there is a menu for you to choose

During the attack, the weight starts to disappear actively, but at the same time, the person may feel weak, mood swings, nervous, and thirsty. It is very important to change the Ducan diet menu as much as possible every day at the time of an attack to provide for the body's needs and curb the desire to consume prohibited carbohydrates.

The serving size is not important, but it is important to remember the egg yolk. You cannot use more than two slices; if necessary, you can add more protein or meat or fish products to the egg roll.

on Monday on Tuesday on Wednesday Thursday Friday on Saturday on Sunday
breakfast Egg White Omelet Coffee, 30g low-fat cheese Salted salmon, hard-boiled egg A pair of sausages and eggs Seafood soy sauce Scrambled Eggs with Sausage Chicken omelet
snack 30g bran, tea 30g bran, tea 30g bran, tea 30g bran, tea 30g bran, tea 30g bran, tea 30g bran, tea
dinner Baked Chicken steak Stewed liver Boiled meat Baked Chicken ear Grilled fish
Afternoon snack Soft tofu Kefir Natural yogurt Kefir Spiced Egg White Omelet cottage cheese A glass of milk
dinner Grilled fish with lemon Crab egg white omelet Stewed beef Lemon Grilled Shrimp Fish steak Baked Chicken Kefir's Heart

In the Duquesne diet menu below, bran appears every day as the second afternoon snack at the onset. You can use them to make bread, pancakes, muffins or other dishes with permitted ingredients. You can find some interesting recipes below.

Every day's menu in the "alternating" phase of the Dukane diet

It is from this moment that the real Dukane diet begins, and various dishes are printed on the menu every day. The system allows you to eat like in a restaurant while also losing weight. They can be rotated according to any scheme, but more often they use 1: 1 or 2: 2, so it is difficult to withstand more than two days of protein.

on Monday Tuesday Protein Day on Wednesday Protein Day Thursday Friday Saturday Protein Day
breakfast Egg white omelet with mushrooms and milk tea Chicken omelet, coffee Roasted courgettes, 1-2 eggs, 2 small cucumbers Soft cheese and garlic, dill Eggplant omelette, pickled ginger Mushroom scrambled eggs, cocoa
snack Rice bran and kefir Bran pancakes with ham Bran, milk Bran pancakes, Saham cheese, cheese Rice bran and kefir Bran baked goods and coffee
dinner Cabbage broth Stewed beef Stewed vegetables and meat Tomato chopped chicken pieces Celery soup with chicken and vegetables Soy sauce fish
Afternoon snack Pumpkin puree, a glass of milk Tofu dessert (recipe below) Carrot Salad, Parmesan 2 eggs, kefir Cucumber Salad, Egg milk
dinner Boiled fish (can be grilled), cabbage salad Chicken chop Cabbage salad, boiled meat Stewed squid in kefir Pepper stuffed with meat, herbs Onion and herb meat

Since the alternation is always based on a pair of substitutions, each day of the Dukane diet is listed in the table in the table, so it needs to be calculated for 6 days. You can then select the displayed dishes to continue the operation, or propose your own choices and obtain information from other sources.

Merging phase (merging, merging)

At this stage, the person has reached the ideal or ideal weight, but it is impossible to restore normal nutrition. The body is still very fragile, it is important to gradually prepare for daily food. The daily diet is based on the days of mixed protein-carbohydrates, and gradually introduces bread, cereals, unsweetened fruits, and fatty meat. No more new 2-3 products are added every week.

The basic rules of the merger phase:

  • Oat bran continues to be consumed. You can replace some rye and wheat fiber.
  • You can cheat once a week. He was called a "feast" by diet. Any dishes and products are allowed, including sweet fruits, cakes, ice cream, and baked goods. But the size of a serving.
  • From the first stage, there will still be protein one day. The author of the diet insists on Thursday, but this is not required.

For this stage of the Ducan diet, table recipes with menus are suitable for daily use. You can eat soup, stewed vegetables, roasted meat. You can still use sugar substitutes and other additives to limit the use of potatoes, candies, and baked goods. If they do not go on a diet, they will not benefit the body.

Diet recipes

This diet is a long-term weight loss, so just eating boiled or stewed meat is not feasible. Simple recipes are provided in the table with the Ducan diet one week menu. They are easy to prepare, and seasonings, vegetables, and spices can be added if necessary. But sometimes you need to cook something delicious, similar to the daily food of ordinary people. This will help you avoid succumbing to temptation to avoid malfunctions.

Cheese and jelly dessert

The diet allows the use of gelatin, so you can prepare exquisite protein desserts. The right amount of sweetener can satisfy your taste. Low-fat dairy products.

raw material:

  • 250 grams of cheese;
  • 100 ml milk;
  • 1 teaspoon gelatin;
  • Sugar substitute
  • Vanillin.

Cooking methods

  1. Mix the gelatin with half of the milk and make it brew.
  2. Mix the rest of the milk with the sugar substitute. If it is a tablet, knead it first. Pour the cheese, beat or grated, and add the herbs.
  3. Heat the milk with gelatin to dissolve all the curds. Pour the cheese through a strainer.
  4. Stir again, divide into two molds, and refrigerate for 5-7 hours. The dessert should be set.

If you use instant gelatin, mix it with milk and melt it in a few minutes.

Rice bran pancakes

This pancake is a real godsend for this diet. It replaces baked goods and is very suitable for pairing with meats, salads, sweet and salty cheeses. At the same time, it can be cooked quickly in an ordinary pot. During the week, these pancakes appeared in the above menu for the Ducan diet. It is often called bread.

raw material:

  • 30 grams of bran;
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tablespoons kefir;
  • Salt, baking powder.

Cooking methods

  1. Grind the bran.
  2. Break the eggs with kefir, add bran and a pinch of salt. (Optional) You can introduce enough baking powder on the tip of the knife.
  3. Make a dough and leave for five minutes.
  4. Preheat the nonstick pan. Bake a few pancakes or pour out all the dough to make a flat cake.

If you can't cook pancakes, they will be torn and you don't want to turn over, so you can make pancakes from this dough.

Bran pancakes on the Duquesne diet menu

Chicken ham

This ham is an excellent substitute for sausages and sausages, because the required fat content is not always available in stores. This dish can be eaten at all stages of the diet.

raw material:

  • 1 kg of chicken breast;
  • 15 grams garlic;
  • 15 grams sweet chili powder;
  • 15 grams of gelatin;
  • 12 grams of salt;
  • 2 grams of black pepper.

Cooking methods

  1. Chop the breasts, cut them into 0. 4-0. 4 cm squares, and pour them into a bowl.
  2. Squeeze the garlic and add all the spices, including gelatin. Stir and cover with foil. Let stand for 2-3 hours. If the house is very hot, put it in the refrigerator.
  3. Stir again, put it in a sausage-shaped baking bag, tighten it, tie it with a thread, and tie the edges. Perform several punctures in different places.
  4. Bake the ham at 180 degrees for 35 minutes.
  5. Take it out, cool it, and send it to the refrigerator overnight. You can take out the bag in the morning.

It is not necessary to use chicken fillet, turkey, any lean meat or mixture to make ham, but in this case, the cooking time of the oven may increase.

Dukane diet contraindications

There are still many controversies about the danger and safety of this weight loss method. There are many contraindications to the Dukane diet. Before the compliance check, it is important to pass a test to check the function of the kidneys. Not everyone can consume a lot of protein.

Main contraindications:

  • Any disease of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diabetes;
  • Hormonal imbalance and thyroid disease;
  • Violation of the body's metabolism process;
  • Pregnancy, including planning stage, breastfeeding;
  • Menopause.

This diet is only ideal for healthy and young people aged 20 to 35-40. If you have any chronic diseases, you need to consult a doctor. But everyone can decide for themselves whether to adopt a ketogenic diet.

Reviews of people who lose weight on Dukan's weight loss

  • "In Dukan, I lost the first 20 kg and then went to the calorie calculation station. This diet is easy for me, but it is expensive. It is difficult for us to get high-quality meat and high-quality cheese from us. And other products, the price is too high, I can not afford such food. "
  • "This is the only diet I have never experienced hunger. I have bulimia. In Dukan, I eat in the morning and eat in the evening. I keep chewing. I dumped 5 kilograms in the first week, so the plumb lineAs a result, my weight has been reduced from 77 kg to 58 kg after three months. It is now at the exit. "
  • "According to this system, I lose weight easily. I have no complaints about diet or hunger. But after two weeks, acne began to appear on my face and body. Obviously, the human body makes such a large amount of protein in this way. I didn’t immediately associate my skin problem with my diet, but after another week, I had to consult a dermatologist due to the worsening of the rash. The doctor said that I stopped my diet. As a result, after losing 7 kg, I recovered again. 3 kg.